TrueNAS is the enterprise SLA supported version of the hugely popular open source FreeNAS storage operating system.

It is run by on a community of hundreds of thousands of storage specialists, ensuring the best Quality Assurance of any storage system available. On top of that, buying TrueNAS will ensure that your hardware has been run through both manual and automated High Availability stress tests that guarantee that TrueNAS storage arrays are ready for all use cases and extreme workloads.

TrueNAS is the only storage system that provide a large user community together with an internal specialized QA team focused on making TrueNAS the enterprise-grade hardware/software solutions the best on the planet.


TrueNAS has the ability to throttle replication jobs to a specified MB/s to avoid network saturation and can replicate across all forms of network connections, even across the slowest connections and locations thousands of kilometers apart.

Product specifications