CHR P1/P10/P60-day trial


You may for 60 days test the increased speed of P1/P10/P-Unlimited (PU) licenses.

You will have to have an account registered on Then you can request the desired license level for trial from your router that will assign your router ID to your account and enable a purchase of the license from your account. All the paid license equivalents are available for trial. A trial period is 60 days from the day of acquisition, after this time passes, your license menu will start to show "Limited upgrades", which means that RouterOS can no longer be upgraded.

If you plan to purchase the selected license, you must do it within 60 days of the trial end date. If your trial ends, and there are no purchases within 2 months after it ended, the device will no longer appear in your MikroTik account. You will have to make a new CHR installation to make a purchase within the required time frame.

To request a trial license, you must run the command "/system license renew" from the CHR device command line. You will be asked for the username and password of your account.

Product specifications