The new updated revision of CCR1009 is here. We attempted to combine all the customer feedback and best practice in CCR device manufacturing that we learned over the last three years, since the first CCR1009 devices were launched.

Important changes

No switch-chip - the device now features only fully independent Ethernet ports each with a direct connection to the CPU, allowing to overcome previous shared 1Gbit limitation from switch-chip ports and utilize full potential of CPU processing power on those ports.

Combo-port - a single 1Gbit software interface that has two hardware interfaces - an SFP cage and a Gigabit Ethernet port, allowing you to use any type of connection available to you. It is also possible to switch between both physical interfaces in RouterOS. In an event of disconnect the combo-port provides hardware fail-over feature.

100Mbps SFP support - this is our first device that supports 100BASE-LX/100BASE-SX/100BASE-BX fiber modules, as well as standard 1.25G SFP modules.

More throughput - because the ports are now directly connected to the CPU, the new CCR1009 can achieve even higher throughput.

Product specifications

Product codeCCR1009-7G-1C-1S+
CPU nominal frequency (per core)1229 MHz
CPU core count9
Size of RAM2048 MB
Storage typeNAND
Storage size128 MB
10/100/1000 Ethernet ports7
Number of USB ports1
Power Jack3
Supported input voltage15 V - 57 V
PoE inYes
Operating SystemRouterOS
License level6
Max Power consumption34W
Voltage MonitorYes
PCB temperature monitorYes
CPU temperature monitorYes
Current MonitorYes
SFP+ ports1
USB Power ResetYes
USB slot typemicroUSB type AB
Serial portRS232

Ethernet test results

CCR1009-7G-1C-1S+Tile 9 core all port test with combo-port and SFP+
ModeConfiguration1518 byte512 byte64 byte
Bridgingnone (fast path)1,300.415,792.13,759.415,398.517,782.89,104.8
Bridging25 bridge filter rules1,244.415,112.01,395.35,715.11,368.1700.5
Routingnone (fast path)1,300.415,792.13,759.415,398.517,411.28,914.5
Routing25 simple queues1,300.415,792.11,925.68,195.41,977.01,328.5
Routing25 ip filter rules739.28,976.8793.93,378.8801.8538.8
  • All tests are done with Xena Networks specialized test equipment (XenaBay),and done according to RFC2544 (Xena2544)
  • Max throughput is determined with 30+ second attempts with 0,1% packet loss tolerance in 64, 512, 1518 byte packet sizes
  • Values in Italic indicate that max throughput was reached without maxing out CPU, but because board interface configuration was maxed out
  • Test results show device maximum performance, and are reached using mentioned hardware and software configuration, different configurations most likely will result in lower results