Updating MikroTik RouterOS

- You update using ssh / Winbox ⇢ New terminal using:

- Or from Winbox, press System ⇢ Packages ⇢ Check For Updates ⇢ Download&Install

- To manually update, you simply download the new software and with the mouse/pad drag the file to the Winbox file window. Then you reboot, and RouterOS automatically discovers the software and installs it before starting up. For home devices, put the software in the flash folder, otherwise it will be deleted at reboot. Be sure that you use the software version that matches your MikroTik devices chipset. The chipset is shown in parentheses in the top of the Winbox window, after the routers identity (name) - using the wrong chipset software might brick your router.

- You can use Netinstall.

- If you have many MikroTik devices you need to manage and update, you can use The Dude to update them in batches.

- Or you can add the different RouterOS images you want to use on a master MikroTik router, and set the other routers to use that router as the upgrade central.

See Winbox: System ⇢ Auto upgrade or use /system upgrade print

- You can script the updating, from your own proxy server, here is an example - also check the Wiki about scheduler.

Scheduled updating

If you want your router to update during the night, you can edit the date and use this script:

This script will run each night and check if newrouteros.npk exists, and if it do, then reboot to upgrade:

Read more on the wiki about Upgrading RouterOS.

Upgrade paths